Walk 10: City Streets and Alleys

Walk 10 in from the 1980s AA guide book was titled City Streets and Alleys. This was was done on Friday 27 July 2018.

Walk 10
From the 1980s AA guide book of London

The first landmark to see on this walking tour was The Temple of Mithras. These remains were discovered in 1954. For many years the temple foundations were viewable at street level.

I got a bit lost finding the Mithras, as they weren’t located at the place the guidebook stated. After wandering about for awhile I eventually asked for directions, and was sent to the Bloomburg building.

The site after being found in 1954, had in fact been moved from the location it was found. The remains having been moved to their Victoria Street site, had the middle bit filled in with concrete. A campaign started to have these ruins moved back to their original site nearby, and to have the 1950s concrete removed.

The Temple is now in the basement of the Bloomberg entry, and is free entry to see.

Temple display
View of the temple ruins at its old location


After a good look at the temple ruins, I continued up Watling Street towards St Pauls.

Ye Olde Watling – Where Christopher Wren stopped for a Pint while Building St Paul’s Cathedral.

From here I continued up the street to St Paul’s Gardens and then through Paternoster Row.

Having past around the outside of St Pauls, the walk took me up Giltspur Street to Pye Corner – said to be the mark where the Great Fire of London was finally put out.

¬†Following this the walk took me to Bartholomew’s Hospital, the oldest hospital in London and St Bartholomew’s Church which is the oldest church in the city.

From here the walk headed past Smithfield market through to Roman Wall.

Smithfield Market

The Roman Wall is the site of an old Roman Fort. Next to this is the Museum of London.

From here the tour took me onto Cheapside, the high street of medieval London. It was called Chepe – from the Anglo-Saxon word for Barter.


The tour ended back at Bank Station. IT passed the Old Grocers Hall, a casualty of a 1944 German bombing raid. It was rebuilt only to be guttered by fire in 1965. The grocers company dates back to 1428.


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