About Nick Kelly

Originally from Upper Hutt, just north of Wellington in New Zealand. I have moved to London in 2017 to expand my business into the UK.

Currently contracted to work in the House of Lords as a Researcher and delivering project and operations management work for charities and businesses working in the Ageing and Longevity sectors.

My CV can be viewed on my LinkedIn profile and you can follow me on Facebook or Twitter.

In New Zealand I was a Student Association and later Trade Union leader  involved in a number of political  and social justice campaigns. More recently I have worked for London start-ups in the tech, retail and cryptocurrency sector as a Project Manager. My skills include Advocacy, Research, Campaigning, Project Management, Mentoring, Management, Leadership  and once upon a time I drove buses.

This blog is a collection of essays on politics and society. It primarily  focuses on British and New Zealand society due to having lived there. The opinions expressed in this blog are my own.

I will occasionally publish posts from other people, but this is rare.

And if you do not agree with content I have written, do your research and prove me wrong. Interested in discussing and debating ideas not personal attacks or petty nonsense.