About Nick Kelly

Originally from Upper Hutt, just north of Wellington in New Zealand. I have moved to London in 2017

My CV can be viewed on my LinkedIn profile and you can follow me on Facebook or Twitter.

In New Zealand, I was a Student Association and later Trade Union leader involved in a number of political and social justice campaigns. When I moved to London for start-ups in the tech, retail, and cryptocurrency sector as a Project Manager. I now work as a Political Researcher in Westminster.  My skills include Advocacy, Research, Campaigning, Project Management, Mentoring, Management, and Leadership, and once upon a time I drove buses.

This blog is a collection of essays on politics and society. It primarily focuses on British and New Zealand society due to having lived there. The opinions expressed in this blog are my own.

I will occasionally publish posts from other people, but this is rare.

And if you do not agree with the content I have written, do your research and prove me wrong. Interested in discussing and debating ideas, not personal attacks or petty nonsense.