Walk 5 Bloomsbury and Holborn

I completed the 5th of my 12 1980s AA guide walking tours of London on 25 March 2018:


This walk started at Holborn Station and took me to Bloomsbury square, which according to the guide book “derives from the medieval manor of Blemund’sbury.”

The tour then took me down Great Russell Street past one of my favourite museums:

The British Museum
The British Museum, you can spend all day there and still only see half of it.

The tour then took me to Russell Square, the largest of the Bloomsbury squares and surrounded by London University.

Russell Square
Statue of Francis Duke of Bedford, 18th century Whig politician

After this the tour took me to Gordon Square, associated with a number of 20th century writers such as Virginia Woolf. House number 46 was home of 20th century economist John Maynard Keynes:

Next stop was Tavistock Square. Here I found statues for Mahatma Gandhi and Virginia Woolf:

From here I continued through the streets of Bloomsbury:

The tour then took me to Coram’s Field, the grounds of the Foundling Hospital established in 1729.

The tour then took me down Doughty Street and past the formers residence of Charles Dickens:

After this the tour took me past Gray’s Inn

Finally the tour ended at the Holborn Bars, where the silver griffins mark the start of the City of London.

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