Walk 4 Mayfair

This is the 4th in my series of London walks from my 1980s London guidebook. This walk took me around Mayfair. 30 years later I did this walk on 17/2/2018, this is what I found…


Above: Walk 4 in the 1980s AA London guidebook. Mayfair.

Te walk commends in Piccadilly. According to the guide book the famous London thoroughfare takes its name from a form of 17th century ruff or collar called ‘piccadil.’ From here the walk took me to Burlington Arcade and Bond Street

Above Burlington House and Arcade 

Little has changed of this area of London in 30 years. Elegant Clothing and jewellery shops with fairly expensive price tags.

IMG_6979Above: This bronze statue of FDR sitting on a park bench with Churchill was unveiled in 1995 on Bond Street.

The walk then took me to Berkeley Square. According to the guide book ‘most of the Georgian houses which stood here have been demolished, but some survive on the westside, including Number 45 Which was the home of Clive of India.

Above, Berkeley Square and Clive of India’s house. 

Next the walking tour takes me to Charles Street, full of 18th century houses. The Iconic ‘I am the only Running Footman’ pub is on this street.

Above: The Footman pub and Charles Street.

The walk then took me through Shepherd Market through to South Audley Street.

Above: Number 1 South Audley Street.

Above: South Audley Street. Right Mayfair Hotel.

The tour then took me the US Embassy. In early 2018 this embassy has moved from its long standing home in Grosvenor Square to Vauxhall. President Trump believes this move is to a lousy location and described it as the “Bush Obama.” Grosvenor Square now has a statue of Ronald Reagan in front of the old embassy building, Reagan was President at the time of the guidebooks publication. It also has the London memorial to the September 11 terrorism attacks of 2001.

Above Grosvenor Square: Ronald Reagan, Franklin D Roosevelt and the September 11 Memorial. 

Next the walk took me to Brook Street past Claridges.


Above Claridges.

Of Brook Street the guide book also noted that “The 18th century composer Handel lived at number 25 for over thirty years.” It also mentioned that Handel wrote most of his works at this address. However Handel was not the only notable resident at this address…

Above: Number 25 Brook Street has now been turned into a Museum. The former residence of Jimmy Hendrix and Handel. The Handel museum has been open for a few years, the Hendrix floor was opened up in 2017. In the 1980s they just had a blue sign on the door, and only for Handel. 

After a spending a bit of time at the Handel and Hendrix residence, I continued the walk onto Hanover Square.

Above William Pitt and Hanover Square

The walk them took me down Savile Row and Albany court through to Regent Street, described by the guide book as “one of the finest shopping streets in the world, at the expense of some of the greatest architecture”

Above: Regent Street.

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