Moving your business to the UK? Talk to Paul Beare LTD

Piko Consulting UK would like to make the following recommendation for Paul Beare Ltd:
Expanding our business from New Zealand into the UK market was never going to be easy. Building up a networks and a client base takes time and money. As a business we needed to be getting on with that straight away. Unfortunately for new businesses, much of your time will be spent getting set up. Registering your company, registering for VAT, setting up National Insurance for you and your employees. And as for trying to set up a bank account, it takes months.
Piko engaged Paul Beare 3 weeks prior to us setting up in London. Within a month Piko Consulting UK was registered as a UK subsidiary of Piko NZ. Days later we were registered for VAT and had the National Insurance set up. Setting up bank accounts has taken little longer. Fortunately Paul Beare Ltd offer a service where your business can set up a temporary bank account through their firm. This has allowed Piko to invoice and receive payments.
Paul Beare Ltd also went above and beyond working through our first VAT return. VAT is quite different to the NZ GST system, as VAT is not charged on everything like GST is in NZ. Piko was helped through this process, saving Piko valuable time and money.
If you are looking to expand your business into the UK, Paul Beare Ltd are the people to talk to.

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