Why London?

Recently someone recommended I look into Simon Sinek’s Start With Why. I’m not usually one to get over excited by the latest motivational speaker or concept. But this one spoke to me. It spoke to me as it was so simple, so obvious, yet often the very question that businesses and organisations ignore. Why?

So my first blog posts are going to be dedicated to this theme.

Why London?

The UK and particularly London is about to go through the most significant period of uncertainty and change since the end of the second world war. Brexit will fundamentally change the economic, political and cultural landscape of the country. Commentators and pundits can try and pick what will happen over the coming months and years (and I’ll inevitably do the same). But in reality there are so many variables that at this stage it is anyone’s guess as to how things will play out. Last nights upset vote in the House of Commons┬ábeing just the latest sign of turmoil.

Uncertainty, change, turmoil. These don’t sound like reasons why do they? Or are they?

When there is a risk, often there also is an opportunity. Since 1973 Britain has been part of the common market. In March 2019 that will come to an end. All of the UK’s trading arrangements will need to be revisited. EU regulations will no longer automatically apply and parliament will need to pass a considerable amount of legislation. The politics of Northern Ireland have already been brought to the fore, with concerns that a soft border may not be retained with the Irish Republic. This was further complicated in the 2017 general election when the Conservative Government were forced to go into Coalition with the DUP. Likewise the issue of Scottish Independence looms in the background, as like Northern Ireland the majority of voters in Scotland voted to remain in the EU.

The above may not look like opportunities for positive change. But in times of change comes and opportunity to fundamentally revisit the political and economic structures of the United Kingdom.

Coming from New Zealand, I have grown up in a country that was never part of the EU. New Zealand has been forced to make its own trading relationships. As a small country in the South Pacific we have had to develop relationships with superpowers like the US and China. We hold our own on the world stage despite having a population of just over 4 million people. I don’t mean to put NZ up on a pedestal, and future posts may address some of the challenges that country faces. However coming to London from New Zealand, Piko Consulting comes to the UK with fresh eyes and a different perspective. This fresh perspective and openness to change is something that would greatly benefit many organisations in the UK.

So why London? For me and my company Piko, London at this time offers exciting challenges. There are opportunities for Piko to make a positive contribution to the UK at a time of significant change. For me it is an opportunity to move into new areas of work in a different economy. The city of London is full of many opportunities for me to expand my company at this time. And for London I offer a skills, experience and a fresh perspective that will be incredibly valuable, especially during this time of change.

I am excited to be here, and I can’t wait to make a positive contribution in London.


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